Once we receive your application form, it is entered onto our database by our recruiter. When we receive a study, we enter the specific criteria from the client into the database, and if you fit the criteria you will be automatically smsed/ emailed. This message usually has the age, sex, dates and specific criteria we need, and  asks if you are interested in participating. If you reply yes, you will be emailed a form to fill out, which will have a breakdown of the study in detail as well as space for you to type in all your details just to ensure you do fit the criteria requested. If you are suitable for the study, we then book you on the day and time you have requested.

If you would like to participate in our studies, please either download the PDF forms below and fax or email back to us on 021 447 1850 or studies@iecas.co.za, or click on the online form and it will be emailed directly to us.

Adult Subject Form and Pre-Selection Questionnaire

Click here for PDF download or Click here for Online form

Child Subject From and Pre-Selection Questionnaire

Adults are required to fill this form out on behalf of their child. This is a guardian form

Click here for PDF download or Click here for the Online Form

If you're having problems filling in the form or are unfimilar with some terminolgy please contact our office for assistance. +27 21 447 4366 or alternatively email studies@iecas.co.za for assistance.