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When it comes to clinical studies, only the very best equipment and qualified staff are used.

There are a wide range of studies conducted at IECAS, below are 3 of our most popular kinds:

Hydration study: For this type of study we would be testing either a foundation or some form of moisturising product, lip sticks, face creams, body lotion etc. The subjects usually have to have dry forearms or dry lips, and measurements are taken before and after application of the product by the corneometer. This piece of equipment measures the moisture levels in your skin, and helps determine whether a product is working efficiently or not. A hydration runs anywhere from 4 hours to 48 hours, depending on the clients request. The subject remains at IEC while they are being tested, and can relax in our lazy boy chairs, while watching movies on one of our TVs.

In use test: This study is the most basic kind of study you’ll come across at IEC. Its normally just 4 weeks long, with 2 visits. The kinds of products tested here vary, from face cream, cleanser, soaps to foundation and other make ups, and are usually always applied to the face. This study generally has no equipment used. Subjects see the Dermatologist and receive the product and a questionnaire, then return 4 weeks later to return product and complete questionnaire and have a final assessment by the Dermatologist.

Anti-wrinkle study:
These studies usually run for a lot longer in order to see the effect the product is having on the wrinkles. It is mainly for ladies in the 40 to 65 year age group and the types of wrinkles vary. Normally a photograph using the Visioface is taken, which is able to take all different types of pictures using different filters, and then can be analysed using the software we have. Sometimes a Technician will take a replica of your wrinkles, which is like a putty impression, to see how the product is working.
We also do dental studies, Spot studies, Ophthalmology studies, pores studies and much more.